Moses is a Stand-up and Actor who recently appeared on Conan.  
Born in the Midwest, he spent the first half of his life traveling in a bus with his family of missionaries. After years of extreme religious repression,
Moses has emerged as a unique comic voice in the Los Angeles comedy community.


Moses gained a large social media following this year from his viral social experiments that poke fun at his generation's narcissism. His social experiments have included everything from throwing his birthday party at the security dense LAX airport, hosting an all cell phone movie screening, creating a texting & driving friendy intersection, to living completely off of crowdfunding in an interactive art installation that was open to the public 24/7 for two months.


 Moses is a multi-hyphenate who is able to shift his performance talents to the dramatic side as well. He received glowing reviews from critics for his performance in the 2015 high-concept Universal movie "Unfriended". Moses works with a great amount of ambition to create unconventional interactive entertainment.